Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure Story

In class the past two weeks we have been working on choose your own adventure stories. We started out with a paper that we had to fill out with characters, setting, and the plot. The next day we went into inspiration and used bubbles to write our stories. I chose to name mine a night out. It starts with Jessica, the main character, having a couple friends over. They decide they are bored so they go to the forest. Jessica ends up getting left behind and gets lost. She starts running and finds an old lady. She needs help getting something off of the top shelf at her house. In return, she gives Jessica a cookie, but its poisoned. Jessica doesn't eat the cookie and starts running again. She soon gets back to her friends and they are all safe. Now, every time she drives past the forest, she sees the creepy old lady, needing help.