Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report

                                         Los Angeles

Have you ever thought about where you want to go for a summer vacation? I do all the time. One place that I have frequently thought about is Los Angeles, California. Today I will be telling you about the different sections to visit in Los Angeles, places to shop, and activities to do. 
In Los Angeles there are eight main sections or parts of the city. These parts are classified as Downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Central Los Angeles, The San Fernando Valley, West Lost Angeles, South Bay, The Port of Los Angeles and, East Los Angeles. Down town Los Angeles is the main business and shopping center. It also contains City Hall, The Civics Center, Grand Park, and the Music Center. Some of the oldest buildings in Los Angeles are Downtown. The big thing in South Los Angeles is Hollywood, the motion-picture and TV famous district. Sunset Strip, or West Hollywood, is famous for its smart shops, expensive restaurants and cafes, night clubs and coffee houses. They are also known for their fine shops, tall office buildings, and department stores. The San Fernando Valley mainly consists of gigantic housing developments and shopping centers. West Los Angeles is occupied by a lot of the Santa Monica Mountains. It also contains Century City, the city within a city, with includes office and residential buildings, large hotels, a shopping center, restaurants, and theaters. Century City now stands on what was once Twentieth Century Fox motion-picture studio. Westwood and UCLA also are in West Los Angeles. South Bay contains many independent communities. The Port of Los Angeles contains a few communities and protects Los Angeles Harbor. East Los Angeles is where many Mexican Americans and Asian Americans live. 
In Los Angeles, there are many great places to shop. I am going to tell you about some of the best. The Grove is a world- renowned shopping, dining, and entertainment center or mall. The Beverly Center is SoCal’s premier fashion destination and has about 160 different boutiques inside. The Santa Monica Place is a modern shopping and dining mall. The Americana at Brand is the ultimate hand picked shopping, dining and entertainment mall. Citadel Outlets is LA’s only outlet destination and has about 115 brand-name shops for you to pick from. The most popular things for people to shop for at these stores today would be clothing items.
Los Angeles is known for its activities to do and places to visit, so I am going to tell you about a few of them. One thing that a lot of people like to do is go shopping on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. Most of the stores there are very expensive but its just fun to go and look at everything. Some people like to visit Botanical Gardens or go see a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Others just like to go sight-seeing in Hollywood. You can view old artifacts at the Getty enter and one of my personal favorites is to go sunning and surfing at Venice Beach.
Today I told you about the different parts of Los Angeles, shopping, and activities to do. Los Angeles seems like a pretty cool place, and I hope I can visit sometime soon. 

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