Wednesday, April 29, 2015

story Challenge

I’m not sure how long I have been on this planet, but it has been a very long time. I was anonymously chosen to to go on a trip to a foreign planet much like ours. My friends Sable and Makenna got to go with me. 
We were on our way to the planet when a meteor hit our spaceship and caused us to crash. I’m not sure what planet we are on. After being on this weird planet for a few days, we decided we would go out and explore because we were beginning to run out of water. We have walked for a few days now. I’m not sure how far we have walked. 
After a few more days, we realized that every time we wake up in the morning, a fire would already be started for us. When we next set up camp and went to bed, we set up cameras to see how the fire was being lit. What we saw on the cameras was frightening. Every night we set up the cameras until one morning we woke up early and came face to face with the alien.
The alien looked like a big, dark green, scaly monster. We started to run. Before we could get out of our camp we all tripped on our sleeping bags. When the monster caught up to us we were still on the ground. We looked up and saw his face and started to scream. Then every thing went black. 

Next thing I know is that my friends and I are in a big box, unsure of where we are. Every thing is dark, and we are scared to talk. Outside of the box we can see little cracks in the box where we can see a bright purple light. We can hear voices talking outside but we aren’t sure what language they are speaking. All of a sudden, something comes and opens up the box. ( Pen and paper are dropped out of fear.)

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