Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration Essay

My Aunt Sara inspires me to work for what I want. If I don’t succeed at first, just try until I do succeed. She told me about what inspires her, childhood memories, and her message to help me learn what to do in life.
A lot of things inspire my Aunt Sara. One of the big things that inspires her is her dad. She says that her dad had a lot of adversity and bravery because when his dad died, he decided to make a change. He uprooted himself, his wife, and four kids and moved from Virginia back to Nebraska to run the family farm. When this whole thing happened makes it a lot worse. He moved his family to run the farm in the 1980’s when there was a big farm depression. Somehow he pulled our family out of it and got the farm running strong. 
Another thing that inspires her is when she sees successful women. She is very inspired when she sees women who have started their own businesses and succeeded at them. She told me that she loves seeing women buy a business in a male-dominated world and see them have success. This all rolls back around to her dad, who told her that just because she was a women didn't mean that she couldn't do what men did. It didn't give her the option to opt out or to say she couldn't do it. If she wanted to get somewhere in life, she would have to go after it whole heartedly. 
She told me that her childhood memories where something she thought about often. Some of the memories that stick out the most were of her brothers picking on her. She told me that her brothers, Scott and Brad, would practice their Boy Scout knots on her and then leave her tied up unless she would do some of their chores or something that would benefit only them. She used to be afraid of tornadoes (but who wasn't as a little kid?) so they would do little practice drills on how fast she could get to the storm cellar. Every time, they would tell her that she wasn't fast enough and she was sucked up by the tornado. She looks back at them now and laughs. They are now a great learning experience for her. 
She also has some good memories too though. She remembers riding her horses with her best friend. Her horses names were Buck and Bess. Sara and her friend Christyl  would go riding down to the creek bottom and go swimming, but other times they would just go riding through the bushes and trees. One of her favorite memories are going on camping and fishing trips with her dad. Every time a birthday would role around, she, her dad, and two to three friends would all go camping and fishing. They would enjoy swimming, campfires, and the occasional thunderstorm.
Sara is a very inspirational person and has a great message. Her  message is to work hard. She says that hard work is the key to life. In order to get good grades, to get into a good college, and eventually get a good job, you have to work hard. The other thing she says is to never give up. When you fail, just try again until you get it. You will eventually figure it out. Her husband, Doug, always said that she was too stupid to know she couldn't do it, but that stupidity was just the thing to get her to where she is today. 

My Aunt Sara inspires me for many different reasons. When she failed, she would pick herself right back up and just keep going. By doing this, she achieved greatness. She now works for A&E laboratories in Wichita, Kansas, a 100% women owned business. With a gross sale of $100k in 2008 to $400k in 2014. She is now doing what my grandfather did many years ago, quitting her job and uprooting her family back to Nebraska, the family farm. She is going to help out on the farm and eventually raise her own cattle. She has inspired me by showing me that there is no limit on how far you can go with success. She has taught me that just because I am a girl, it doesn't mean that I can’t achieve what I want. Her childhood memories and what inspires her also inspires me. Her message is what helps me to look forward to the future seeing myself achieving my goal.

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