Friday, August 29, 2014

My Bedroom Writing

Rosie Nelson
English 7 Period 2

                          My Bedroom

Here is my room,and when I walk into my room, the first thing I see is the three light purple pink colored walls, the other wall is dark purple and has a window with dark purple curtains.The next thing I see is my gray bookshelf. On the bookshelf is some of my favorite books and all of my sister’s books. on the bottom rows, my sister puts her clothes in containers and stores them on the shelves. My closet is full of all my shirts and leggings. On that same wall is a full length mirror. on the same wall as my book shelf is my black desk and chair. Right now it is full of clutter as well as the rest of the room because I just recently rearranged my room and haven't  finished cleaning it yet. On that wall there is also a shelf hanging. It’s full of all the little pottery things my sister and I have gotten over the years as presents. Next is my big white shelving that covers 3/4 of the wall its on. On the top two shelves, I keep all of my jeans, sweat pants, and shorts. On the next shelves down, I keep some of my perfumes and old glass coke and sprite bottles that my mom gave me. I also have a little glass dish that has a bunch of roses painted on it and on the edges it has gold color that my late great grandmother gave me. I have lotions and other things on the shelves too.

My bed is a black bunk bed. on the bottom are my sheets which have white, pink, purple, and black cheetah print bed sheet and a brown bed sheet too. I also have a baby blue color big blanket on my bed with a bunch of different colored pillows. At the foot of my bed, I have a quilt that my great Aunt Janelle made me when I was 5 that’s folded in half and placed at the foot of my bed. It’s pink and teal and has a few different words on it. I also have a little white stuffed dog up by all my pillows. I have had that ever since I was born and I used to take it with me everywhere I went. When I was little I would take it to stores and forget the stuffed animal somewheres. When we came back to get it, the clerks would be waiting for me to come get the dog because it happened almost every time we went shopping. With all the things I have in my room, I am rich beyond measure.