Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure Story

In class the past two weeks we have been working on choose your own adventure stories. We started out with a paper that we had to fill out with characters, setting, and the plot. The next day we went into inspiration and used bubbles to write our stories. I chose to name mine a night out. It starts with Jessica, the main character, having a couple friends over. They decide they are bored so they go to the forest. Jessica ends up getting left behind and gets lost. She starts running and finds an old lady. She needs help getting something off of the top shelf at her house. In return, she gives Jessica a cookie, but its poisoned. Jessica doesn't eat the cookie and starts running again. She soon gets back to her friends and they are all safe. Now, every time she drives past the forest, she sees the creepy old lady, needing help.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

story Challenge

I’m not sure how long I have been on this planet, but it has been a very long time. I was anonymously chosen to to go on a trip to a foreign planet much like ours. My friends Sable and Makenna got to go with me. 
We were on our way to the planet when a meteor hit our spaceship and caused us to crash. I’m not sure what planet we are on. After being on this weird planet for a few days, we decided we would go out and explore because we were beginning to run out of water. We have walked for a few days now. I’m not sure how far we have walked. 
After a few more days, we realized that every time we wake up in the morning, a fire would already be started for us. When we next set up camp and went to bed, we set up cameras to see how the fire was being lit. What we saw on the cameras was frightening. Every night we set up the cameras until one morning we woke up early and came face to face with the alien.
The alien looked like a big, dark green, scaly monster. We started to run. Before we could get out of our camp we all tripped on our sleeping bags. When the monster caught up to us we were still on the ground. We looked up and saw his face and started to scream. Then every thing went black. 

Next thing I know is that my friends and I are in a big box, unsure of where we are. Every thing is dark, and we are scared to talk. Outside of the box we can see little cracks in the box where we can see a bright purple light. We can hear voices talking outside but we aren’t sure what language they are speaking. All of a sudden, something comes and opens up the box. ( Pen and paper are dropped out of fear.)

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration Essay

My Aunt Sara inspires me to work for what I want. If I don’t succeed at first, just try until I do succeed. She told me about what inspires her, childhood memories, and her message to help me learn what to do in life.
A lot of things inspire my Aunt Sara. One of the big things that inspires her is her dad. She says that her dad had a lot of adversity and bravery because when his dad died, he decided to make a change. He uprooted himself, his wife, and four kids and moved from Virginia back to Nebraska to run the family farm. When this whole thing happened makes it a lot worse. He moved his family to run the farm in the 1980’s when there was a big farm depression. Somehow he pulled our family out of it and got the farm running strong. 
Another thing that inspires her is when she sees successful women. She is very inspired when she sees women who have started their own businesses and succeeded at them. She told me that she loves seeing women buy a business in a male-dominated world and see them have success. This all rolls back around to her dad, who told her that just because she was a women didn't mean that she couldn't do what men did. It didn't give her the option to opt out or to say she couldn't do it. If she wanted to get somewhere in life, she would have to go after it whole heartedly. 
She told me that her childhood memories where something she thought about often. Some of the memories that stick out the most were of her brothers picking on her. She told me that her brothers, Scott and Brad, would practice their Boy Scout knots on her and then leave her tied up unless she would do some of their chores or something that would benefit only them. She used to be afraid of tornadoes (but who wasn't as a little kid?) so they would do little practice drills on how fast she could get to the storm cellar. Every time, they would tell her that she wasn't fast enough and she was sucked up by the tornado. She looks back at them now and laughs. They are now a great learning experience for her. 
She also has some good memories too though. She remembers riding her horses with her best friend. Her horses names were Buck and Bess. Sara and her friend Christyl  would go riding down to the creek bottom and go swimming, but other times they would just go riding through the bushes and trees. One of her favorite memories are going on camping and fishing trips with her dad. Every time a birthday would role around, she, her dad, and two to three friends would all go camping and fishing. They would enjoy swimming, campfires, and the occasional thunderstorm.
Sara is a very inspirational person and has a great message. Her  message is to work hard. She says that hard work is the key to life. In order to get good grades, to get into a good college, and eventually get a good job, you have to work hard. The other thing she says is to never give up. When you fail, just try again until you get it. You will eventually figure it out. Her husband, Doug, always said that she was too stupid to know she couldn't do it, but that stupidity was just the thing to get her to where she is today. 

My Aunt Sara inspires me for many different reasons. When she failed, she would pick herself right back up and just keep going. By doing this, she achieved greatness. She now works for A&E laboratories in Wichita, Kansas, a 100% women owned business. With a gross sale of $100k in 2008 to $400k in 2014. She is now doing what my grandfather did many years ago, quitting her job and uprooting her family back to Nebraska, the family farm. She is going to help out on the farm and eventually raise her own cattle. She has inspired me by showing me that there is no limit on how far you can go with success. She has taught me that just because I am a girl, it doesn't mean that I can’t achieve what I want. Her childhood memories and what inspires her also inspires me. Her message is what helps me to look forward to the future seeing myself achieving my goal.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Travel Report

                                         Los Angeles

Have you ever thought about where you want to go for a summer vacation? I do all the time. One place that I have frequently thought about is Los Angeles, California. Today I will be telling you about the different sections to visit in Los Angeles, places to shop, and activities to do. 
In Los Angeles there are eight main sections or parts of the city. These parts are classified as Downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Central Los Angeles, The San Fernando Valley, West Lost Angeles, South Bay, The Port of Los Angeles and, East Los Angeles. Down town Los Angeles is the main business and shopping center. It also contains City Hall, The Civics Center, Grand Park, and the Music Center. Some of the oldest buildings in Los Angeles are Downtown. The big thing in South Los Angeles is Hollywood, the motion-picture and TV famous district. Sunset Strip, or West Hollywood, is famous for its smart shops, expensive restaurants and cafes, night clubs and coffee houses. They are also known for their fine shops, tall office buildings, and department stores. The San Fernando Valley mainly consists of gigantic housing developments and shopping centers. West Los Angeles is occupied by a lot of the Santa Monica Mountains. It also contains Century City, the city within a city, with includes office and residential buildings, large hotels, a shopping center, restaurants, and theaters. Century City now stands on what was once Twentieth Century Fox motion-picture studio. Westwood and UCLA also are in West Los Angeles. South Bay contains many independent communities. The Port of Los Angeles contains a few communities and protects Los Angeles Harbor. East Los Angeles is where many Mexican Americans and Asian Americans live. 
In Los Angeles, there are many great places to shop. I am going to tell you about some of the best. The Grove is a world- renowned shopping, dining, and entertainment center or mall. The Beverly Center is SoCal’s premier fashion destination and has about 160 different boutiques inside. The Santa Monica Place is a modern shopping and dining mall. The Americana at Brand is the ultimate hand picked shopping, dining and entertainment mall. Citadel Outlets is LA’s only outlet destination and has about 115 brand-name shops for you to pick from. The most popular things for people to shop for at these stores today would be clothing items.
Los Angeles is known for its activities to do and places to visit, so I am going to tell you about a few of them. One thing that a lot of people like to do is go shopping on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. Most of the stores there are very expensive but its just fun to go and look at everything. Some people like to visit Botanical Gardens or go see a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Others just like to go sight-seeing in Hollywood. You can view old artifacts at the Getty enter and one of my personal favorites is to go sunning and surfing at Venice Beach.
Today I told you about the different parts of Los Angeles, shopping, and activities to do. Los Angeles seems like a pretty cool place, and I hope I can visit sometime soon. 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

My College Essay

Have you ever thought about what you wanted to be when you grow up? I have many times. When I was little, I wanted to follow my mom and be a nurse. But then, I got interested in the court room. I wanted to be a lawyer and have wanted to be a lawyer for about four years.
I have many goals of what to do after I graduate from high school. My first is to go to the University of Nebraska Lincoln and major in Law. I also want to play volleyball. When I graduate from college, I plan to be a lawyer. I have been interested in law for a long time. For a couple of weeks in my history class, we re-opened the Boston Massacre case. I was the prosecution lawyer although I wish I was assigned the defense. I liked this assignment so much, sometimes I would dress up to go to court in the classroom. When I get to be a lawyer, I want to be a defense lawyer. One of the first things I want to do is move to Florida. I have some family there and I just love Florida. I will eventually want to get married and probably have kids so I will need to have a good job to support my self and my family. When I get old and retire, I want to be able to have fun and travel a lot.
I obviously need to go to college to be a lawyer, so education is a big part of my dreams.  If I didn’t want to be a lawyer, I would still probably go to college to learn more anyways because even if I go undecided, a college education is very important. If I have a college education, I can get better paying jobs even if its just  working as something small, having a college education will help me know more about the job and be able to get a bigger salary. If I didn’t go to college, I would probably not have a very good job or not have one and go into poverty. 
I had been interested in law for a long time, but my cousin, Bailey, got me even more interested. She is going to Florida State to study law. When she came to my grandparents’ house for Christmas, she told me a lot about what she was going to school for. She also gave me some tips on how to finish high school with good grades and get a scholarship to go to the college that I wanted to. When I told her I was interested in law, she told me it wasn’t the fun and games that some t.v. shows make it out to be. But I told her I didn’t care because I was really interested in Law. So she told me some more about the subject. She also gave me some motivation about why I need to go to college. She told me that a high school education won’t get me very far in life, so furthering my education is very important for to be able to succeed. She said that this can get me better jobs so  I can provide for my self and my future family. She also told me to go to college so I can be self sufficient so I don't have to depend on anyone else for anything.
I know I have big dreams and goals, but I can achieve them. All I have to do is work hard and  believe in my self. I can achieve big things and little things with hard work and confidence. One day, I will be what I want to be and I will get that college education. I have big plans for my self and I expect to achieve every single one of them, and so can you.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Rhyming Poem

Christmas if a time for joy
a time for family 
and a time to enjoy
a time for fun 
and a time most say yum
Christmas is almost here
a time we've been waiting for all year 
when families come together
even though there's often bad weather
Christmas is a time that that's fun for all